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ZAN Projectiles .177 Slugs in stock

This is new .177 slug from ZAN Projectiles, made after many hundreds hours of development to meet high standards in accuracy, expansion and performance in practically all of the .177 barrels on the market.
Zan's .177 (4.5mm) slug is created for high power air guns as well as sub 12 ft/lb rifles.
Zan slugs are high quality slugs with a silky body, deep hollow point for huge expansion from below 700 fps right up to the highest velocities.
The base has a shallow dished shape which has been designed to give good accuracy in a range of different barrel types.

weight = 10 grains / 0.65 gram
400 pcs per box
Diameter = .177" / 4.5mm
Length = 0.21" / 5.3mm
BC = 0.048 G1

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ZAN NEW DESIGN 20 grain .22 Slugs in stock

As well as the .177 slugs, we now have the Zan .22 slugs available in 20 grain, .218 diameter.
If you want to increase your accuracy in windy conditions, slugs have much less than half the deflection of pellets, and these ZAN .22 slugs will shoot in sub 12 ft/lb guns as well as high powered ones.

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QYS Streamlined and Domed pellets in stock 8.48 grain

The supply of QYS pellets is now coming through Hawke, the telescopic sight specialists, and promises to be a good and reliable supply.
QYS's Olympic quality pellets are about the best seen anywhere for size and weight, and also super clean in the tin without any lead dust.

QYS developed their own technology and processes to rapidly produce some of the most accurate pellets ever manufactured, producing outstanding medal tallies in every Olympic Games since Sydney in 2000-a staggering total of 10 Golds, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze as well as scores of medals in World Cup events for both rifles and pistols (Official ISSF Data).

The individually selected and hand-packed pellets are 8.48 grains in weight and show virtually zero weight variation pellet-to-pellet, supplied in 500 pellet-count screw top tins and are optimised for accuracy at up to 50 metres.

Watch Andy's Airgun Review of the QYS pellets.

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